My Equipment Rig (as it existed in 1999)

Equipment Photo
Photo Credit: Larry Bemis, Little Nashville Opry

01-1971 Fender Precission Bass w/Seymour-Duncan Active Pickups
02-Hartke 210-XL Cabinet w/EB Casters & Neutrix Speaker Connectors
03-Hartke 115-XL Cabinet w/EB Casters & Neutrix Speaker Connectors
04-Rhino 9-Space Rack w/HD Handles & Casters, Horizon DI Box in back
05-Furman PL-Pro Power Strip w/Voltage & Ground Monitor
06-Korg DTR-1 Tuner
07-BBE 442 Sonic Maximizer
08-Peavey Series 800 Muti-Effect Unit
09-Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bi-Amp Amplifier
10-Samson SR-22 Wireless Receiver
11-1-Space Rack Drawer w/Lock
12-THL Hardshell Guitar Case, customized to accommodate Hamilton Guitar Stand
13-BOSS FS-5U & FS-5L Foot Switches (for muting the tuner)
14-Custom 4-Conductor Speaker Cables w/Neutrix Connectors: (1) 50ft, (4) 10ft, (2) 5ft
15-Molded Case for Speaker Cables
16-Hamilton Suspension-Type Guitar Stand
17-Restaurant Serving Tray Stand (Stolen)
18-(not shown) Leather Guitar Strap w/Schaeller Strap Locks & Wireless Transmitter w/Neutrix Right-Angle Jack

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